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25 years young. 25 years old. I can't even begin to paint how much it all means. I had to be everything I am, mistakes and all, for all these years, to finally get to the guy I am today. If you know me, or followed me from early on, you know some of what I've been through. which is why I always got a nice paragraph on tuck for special days lol. but today isn't just about me, it's about everyone around me and all we've accomplished together. I'm never going back to what was, and I'm just happy to have a group of fans (fam) that can say they know me in addition to liking my music. if you never learn how to pronounce my name right, you'll at least know who I am by the time this is all done lmao. (6lack pronounced real nigga ) No but seriously, today's my 6irthday, and it's an emotional one. I'm feeling a million things but for now, "thank you" sums it up. May God continue to allow me to inspire/heal/connect through what I do. and when my daughter is old enough to look back at what I did in 2016-2017, I hope she sees what she inspired. love! #quarterlifecrisis #gettinold #istillhaventbeentosixflags



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