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you make me proud & I just hope that everything I'm doing translates into making you proud of me one day. you've taught me a ton already, plus you figured out how to smile earlier than I did, so clearly I have a lot more to learn from you as you continue to grow lol. I promise to make up for all the lost time, just remember to take it easy on me because I'm new to this & right now I just gotta secure the bag so that your life can be a little different than mine. so you can have the 24 pack of crayons and not the 8 pack . I can't wait to scare your boyfriend when you're 30 (because that's when you'll probably have your first one ) I love you & miss you Syx Rose Valentine. you can't even read this but I'm posting it so that I can see you on my IG feed everyday while I tour. in the meantime work on holdin that little head up. see you soon 6️⃣



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