Introducing 6LACK, Your New Favourite Soulful Hip-Hop Artist

There is a particular kind of joy which comes with discovering a new artist; a joy that is amplified when that new artist offers a totally fresh, different sound. 6LACK (pronounced ‘black’) has given me this joy. Though 6LACK would appear to characterise his own music as R&B or soul, his hip-hop and grunge influences tell a slightly different story. The fact that 6LACK finds himself perhaps sounding most similar to another relatively unknown artist, Johnny Rain, is as much a testament to his unique sound as anything else, especially considering that the similarities there are still vague.

His latest release, Loyal, sees 6LACK switching flows and vocal delivery over a dark and ominous ambient beat. Soundcloud R&B or soul rarely sounds this fresh, or this urgent, and the pained tinge to his vocals add a remarkable sincerity to the track, making it that much more powerful. 

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