Artists getting involved in bad label deals, sadly, isn’t an unfamiliar story in music. Whether they’re a new artist (see: the deal Young Thug first signed when he was starting out) or more established (see: the troubles M.I.A. is having in putting out her album now), these deals all prevent artists from doing the one thing they want to do: share music with people. When this happens, there are two choices. You can surrender to the situation, or persevere. 6LACK chose to do the latter.

After five years tied down in a “horrible deal,”Atlanta artist 6LACK is free and finally creating and sharing music the way he wants. So far he’s released four songs, all of which boast an intoxicating mix of hip-hop beats and R&B hooks. It’s a sound that in 2016 fits in but doesn’t blend in. 6LACK’s knowledge of melodies, simple yet effective production, and relatable lyrics all make sure his music stands out.

He is now signed with LVRN aka LoveRenaissance, a collective that Raury is a member of (and yes, the two are working together), so it’s safe to say these tracks are only the beginning.

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