i’m sitting here in some stranger’s bed, in some airbnb in Utah. and for whatever reason, i feel like this is the perfect time to jot down my current thoughts and share them with you guys.

it’s been a while. 

crazy to think that so much has happened in my life in just two years. from homeless to never home. from broke to can’t stay out the gucci store. from always alone to always surrounded by people. from floating kid to responsible ass father — a lot has changed. i find myself in my head now more than ever. 

you don’t make your dreams a reality only to get there and say “this is perfect. i’m good here.” you mark it as a mission completed and then you set a new goal. since FREE 6LACK, life has taught me a gang of new lessons. some i’ve learned on my own slowly, some hit me like a ton of bricks; yet and still — i’ve never been more thankful.

i won’t lie to you, some days i feel so complete it isn’t fair. other days i feel like a single piece to a puzzle i never knew shit about. but that’s my life now. i’ve got a million new things to talk about and so many experiences to share. it feels like i’ve been gone for so long i hear the same question every day now.. “when that new album droppin?!”

honestly, i’ve spent a crazy amount of time recording on and off tour and made damn near 100 new songs for this next project but i have missed out on my favorite component of my process. i missed the picking through every line, every song, every sound and then analyzing through my life and my mistakes. but also more importantly during this time, i’ve missed being the father i always wanted to be to my daughter. as many of you know and for the some of you who don’t, this year i was blessed to have a daughter named Syx. for the 8 months she’s been alive, i have about 2 months of pieced together memories of us together. between that and wanting to tap back into the music, i’ve been feeling the need to make some tough decisions. one of which is postponing my upcoming European tour. 

a lot of thought and back and forth with my team went into this decision because whenever i start something, i pride myself on making sure i finish it. i never want to disappoint you guys in the long run, so i’ve made the decision that right now the music needs to be finished and i want to actually feel what it’s like to be a dad. i think that’s what this next album is for: being more reflective of my current life. the last project was a summary of my past, this one is an update on my present. it’s really been a crazy two years lol. and as much as i love working my ass off, i can’t really channel my perspective on my present life, if i’m not actively living it. so this letter was to say thank you for the endless support, for understanding, and for being the best fans i could ever ask for and always allowing me to be a person. this isn’t a going away letter, this is a heads up. new music is otw. an album is right after that. i write better when it’s cold outside.

see you soon.